From Thanksgiving to St. Patrick’s Day

I think it’s great that the last post was from the Turkey Day 5k that hubby and I ran in and then shoved our faces with sweet potato casserole. Now it’s almost St. Patricks’ Day! That means we’ve celebrated Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day (oh and Channakah, Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, President’s Day…) since I last blogged.  It’s funny how so much has changed, yet so much is exactly the same.

In the last post, I mentioned doing the Madison Mini Marathon (13.1 miles) in August for hubby’s 40th. Well… WE STILL ARE! We already registered and paid!  We have the cute little 13.1 oval bumper stickers taunting us on our refrigerator, a daily reminder that we signed up for this. We got new running gear for Christmas.  We’re all set.


Actually. I haven’t run since Thanksgiving.  Or blogged.  What HAVE I been doing??? 

Well, let’s just say I’ve been living.  It’s been busy, it’s been crazy, it’s been good, great, horrible, sad, exhausting, terrific, terrible, scary, exciting, frustrating, and unbelievable. The last few months have included ups and downs… sickness and health…. richer and poorer… and everything in between.  I’ve been struggling with how I can go from so happy to so sad to so overwhelmed to so bored and back again… so quickly.  Sometimes several times in the same day.  These are not meant as excuses as to why I haven’t blogged or ran.  To be honest, I didn’t really think about either.  Life has a funny way of changing priorities… and then changing them again… and again…

But now… it’s time to run again.


Back in the saddle, again!

Ok, that jackass doesn’t have a saddle.  but that lady has a cute hat on and looks happy, even from the back.  You get the point. Jackass.




As a matter of fact, yes, I put  makeup on before we headed to the Berbee Derbee to do the 5K run on Thanksgiving morning.  My hubby rolled his eyes at me, but it’s bad enough he has to see me without at least tinted moisturizer and mascara, I couldn’t subject the runners of the world to it on a day they’re supposed to have stuff to be THANKFUL for!

Check out those Turkey hats! I think they look more like something NAUGHTY, but they are turkeys.  There were alot of those, and several hilarious costumes that we spotted while we were running. The best was the siamese turkey – two women in one turkey costume… that made it a little difficult to run I bet!  Hubby and I didn’t dress up, but we’re considering the consequences of dressing up as a cowboy and indian next for next year.  PC? No.  Are we ever?  Not so much.

So, Hubby and I got up early on Turkey Day, drove to the other side of town and joined thousands of other people who also thought it was pretty smart to commit to a run the morning of the biggest meal of the year.  There was a 10k, a 5k, and a walk, and we were in the second wave of the 5K.  We watched the 10K group take off, and decided that next year that would be us.  We’re also going to do a half marathon on Hubby’s birthday.  His 40th birthday just so happens to fall on the same day as the Madison Mini 2013… a 13.1 run through the City.  I’m terrified.

That’s us, after the Derbee.  Rocking my “Be Strong” shirt from the Edge Fitness Be Strong Challenge.

The 5K was fairly easy, minus the craptastic hills that left me out of breath and with a charlie horse in my arse, and after getting through the 3.16 miles in 28 minutes, we felt free to indulge in all sorts of junk food.  I ran extra hard to “earn” a second piece of pie, however I was so full of OTHER Turkey Day treats that a second piece of pie was out of the question.

Ew, can ridges? That’s one item on the table that I didn’t partake in. Sick.

We enjoyed turkey day at his parents’ house where I didn’t have to cook or do dishes. Talk about things to be thankful for!  We then ended our day at Walmart.  Yup.  We were those people:

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, despite waiting in a line for a couple of hot ticket items from 8:30 until they “went on sale” at 10pm… and then standing in another line – to get to the registers and pay for the goods – until 11:30.  We were outta there in time to check out Target.  Crazy shoppers!  Almost everyone that we encountered while in line were cheerful and good humored, so we actually kinda enjoyed losing 3 hours of our lives in that store.  PLUS we got the kids’ “big” presents off the list.  WOOT!

ADH-Oh Shiny….

Happy Tuesday!  Today is gorgeous outside!  2 days before Thanksgiving and it’s 50 degrees out there by 10am?  LOVE IT!

I went for a run this morning and wayyyy over-dressed.  By the end of mile one, I was sweating and HOT HOT HOT.  Gloves off, tied jacket around my waist… kept my winter hat on though, no one wanted to see my hat hair.  🙂

This Thursday is Thanksgiving.  I will not be eating “paleo” anything.  Unless there’s a veggie tray at the in laws house, maybe that will count as paleo.  But, there will probably be dip, and I’ll probably eat it.  Along with Mother-In-Laws DELICIOUS homemade stuffing and sweet potato casserole.  And pie.  And gravy.  Turkey would be/could be paleo… but I’ll be eating the sides on a 10-1 ratio to the turkey.  And, I’m excited.

In an effort to counteract the processed food/carbohydrate overload, Jon and I signed up for the Berbee Derbee 5K run on the morning of Turkey Day.  Genius! Except… that I forgot that we signed up for it until yesterday.  And I haven’t run since summer time.  Oopsies.  So, I snuck that run in this morning, and I think I should be good to go.  Fingers crossed that the weather is like today!

You could say I have ADD today. I can’t commit to one topic, so for today, I’ll share these random tidbits:

I just made the most delicious guacomole, and I’m pretty sure I can’t wait much longer to start devouring it.  Got some sweet potato chips and might attempt to make some baked plantain chips later.

I have renewed my addiction to Pinterest.  What a relief… I was not already wasting enough time on WordPress and Facebook and PALEOMG.  Whew!

It is 48 days until we go on vacation.  I am slightly excited for Punta Cana in January.  I may or may not have ordered three new swimsuits yesterday. And maybe a pair of sandals. Or two.

I may or may not be really irked that all three of those swimsuits are tankinis.  Boo.  But I just can’t seem to get that belly in check; and I don’t see the belly fat melting away during the next month of Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, so I’m doing everyone a favor and keeping it covered.  Stretch marks are dumb.  Contrary to Pinterest motivational quotes, they are not “Tiger Stripes” or “badges of honor”. I love my kid.  I do not love my stretch marks.

I have an interview today for an internship at the Department of Justice – wish me luck! Here we go!


Breakfast: Green Pepper & Egg Ring with Asparagus

BIG ASS SALAD for lunch

Dinner: organic, nitrate free, sugar free hotdogs, with guacamole & sweet potato chips

Snacks: banana with Almond Butter and dates




Happy Friday!

The very next day after I testified here about becoming a better person, I was tested!  Not in a real earth shattering kinda way, but in a My, that’s interesting timing kinda way….

On my way to school yesterday morning, the country station I listen to was promoting a concert coming up this summer with tons of big name acts.  (Big & Rich, Kelly Clarkson, and Gary Allen to name a few.) When they announced they were giving away tickets and to “call now to play to win”, I picked up my cell and dialed.  I never get through on my cell. Never.  After 4 times calling and getting a busy signal, RING, RING.  I was through.  I was the right caller.  I “won” the tickets.  Congrats!  However, I had to play a game… called the Good Samaritan game, and listen to the stories of the three next callers and decide if I wanted to keep a pair of tickets for myself or give them up so that each of the three could all have a pair.  I was put on hold while the song set finished up, and I knew right away that I didn’t even have to hear the stories, obviously I was giving them away.  So, after sitting on hold for 10 minutes, I heard 3 “sob” stories (none of which were very impressive, BTW) and then gave up my tickets.  As the “winner” I was left with no tickets and ended up three minutes late to class.  I must admit, in the back of my mind I kinda hoped that they’d “surprise” me with some sort of consolation gift (or maybe a BETTER gift!?!) for being the “good Samaritan”.  I was not.

BUT, that’s the point right??  You don’t do something for other people with expectations for what you will get in return.  Well, at least you shouldn’t. That’s the whole point of doing something good, something “selfless”.  I hope that all three of them have someone special to take to the show and have a great time.

But there is a small part of me that is believing in that whole good karma coming back around thing…

What a dumb game. 😉




BF: scrambled egg & ham.

Lunch: big ass salad

snack: apple

dinner: Texas Roadhouse.  Yes, I had a roll with cinnamon butter.  Nuff said.


BF: Venison Steak with eggs.

Snack: pistachios

Lunch: leftovers from Texas Roadhouse. (May or may not inlude a dinner roll, no sweet butter)

Dinner: TBD.  I could have venison steak, or chicken, or organic hotdogs, or Tay’s leftover ribs from last night.  OR I may just go out for a fish fry. And drinks.

Sunday Funday!

I’ve spent all day today getting caught up on school work.

Having 5 classes – 15 credits to complete – along with working, having a family, friends and dart league, kids that need to get places, and an addiction to watching Survivor sometimes gets to be a lot.

Like today, I had to get up early on a Sunday and commit myself to my work… it’s been good so far!  (8 hours later, 2 case briefs, and IRAC memo, a power point presentation and a debtor/creditor exam – check!)

Figured I’d take a break and check in here….

The “challenge” is over from Edge Fitness… but that doesn’t mean I am no longer going to be accountable for what I eat.  (*note: I will NOT be accountable for what I ate yesterday… let’s just say that the Doritos Locos Taco I ate was NOT the worst thing on my menu – BAD!!)  But, I still want to feel good and look good, so I will continue on my paleo/primal journey.

Today hasn’t been much of a day… just sitting in my office and occasionally checking my Fantasy Football League scores (I’m addicted.)

Breakfast – thought I’d try something new – leftover salmon and aspargus with sweet potatoes and over easy eggs.  Probably won’t make that again. lol.

Snacks – macadamia nuts, sweet potato brownie, ham and salami roll up, one bite of Tay’s mac and cheese.

Dinner – burger with bacon and avocado, wrapped in lettuce.

Another brownie… gotta get em out of the house!

PS I’m still sore from Thursday!  Hurts to move, cough, laugh, left my pen, etc etc…

Whew! Day 18 & THE CHALLENGE

What a difference a muslce relaxer and good night of sleep makes.  Whatever it was that was keeping me down the last few days is G.O.N.E. Woot!

Got up this morning feeling fresh as a flower, headed to Edge Fitness and officially met my partner for the Be Strong Challenge, Lori.  She was pretty much awesome. And she didn’t believe me when I said I had a daughter in 6th grade… “What? Did you have her when you were TWELVE??” were her exact words.  Did I mention she was awesome?? 🙂

We ROCKED that challenge.  I surpised myself, and I think she did too.  We had each set goals for the push-ups, which we met and EXCEEDED. I was hoping to do 30 push-ups in 60 seconds and somehow squeaked 47 out of my arse.  And they were full proper form, tummy-down-to-a-golf-ball-on-the-ground pushups. WHEW!  After 70-something squats, 40 something burpees, 40 something over-head slams, I could barely squeak out 25 or so jungle gym rows.  I WAS SPENT.  But in SUCH a good way.  WOOT.  Still four more days of the challenge, so I’ll push it at Bootcamp tomorrow and watch the food all weekend.

Starting with TOMORROW: Having a bunch o ladies over tomorrow night for a MAGIC MIKE viewing. Yep, we’re THOSE girls.  Getting all hot and bothered over Channing Tatum on the screen ripping clothes off.  I know it’s not a very well written movie – we’re not really watching it for it’s deep plot.  I’m sure we’ll find stuff to talk about around the dance scenes.

I did make some paleo/primal dishes.  I made some meatballs, which I have yet to decide on a sauce for.  Found a Martha Stewart recipe that calls for chipotle chile sauce and honey – I’m leaning toward that… but I’m afraid to deviate from the Italian meatball norm… hmmm.  I also made a batch of BROWNIES.  Thank you PALEOmg!! (We’ll see if any of my lady friends read my blog by the way they pick at/avoid the brownies I guess.  I think they are DELICIOUS!  But I also haven’t been eating much sugar all week. 🙂


Day 18 Recap:

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs (that’s it, I was still nervous for my belly!)

Snack: Apple with almond butter

Lunch: leftover meatloaf with smashed cauliflower

Snack: lara bar

Dinner: cinnamon crusted pork chops with sauteed apples and a side salad

Dessert: Crispin’ Hard Cider.  NOM NOM NOM.

16 & 17…

I’m a slacker.  I did not blog yesterday.  Actually, I didn’t do much of anything that I didn’t absolutely HAVE to yesterday.  Made it home to my couch and didn’t get up Alllll night.  Still fighting some sort of stomach problem…. whenever I eat something – ANYTHING – I get horrible stomach pains and cramps, and indigestion.  I haven’t eaten anything “off plan” since Sunday, but I completely feel like poo.  I’m also having pain in my back (kidney area) and fighting off a headache.  Sounds joyous, doesn’t it?  I only talk about it here, because it’s potentially a side effect from my CLEAN eating and then NOT Clean Eating.  Or, maybe it’s just a bug.  Hopefully it’s gone soon.  I’m drained.

Well, either way – TOMORROW IS THE DAY!

Push-ups, burpees, rope slams, rows and squats.  60 seconds of each.  6:30 am – bright and early.  I haven’t given much thought to anything but the push-ups.  I’m aiming to get to 30 of them in 60 seconds…. Burpees are ok… the others don’t scare me, but maybe that’s because I’m not overthinking them like I am the pushups.  My partner, Lori, and I will get one point for each rep – and hopefully we both show up to kick ass and take names… GO TEAM AWESOMESAUCE. 🙂

Alright, so I’ll just admit that the last two days are not anything to “Track”, but for the sake of consistency:

Day 16:

Breakfast: two eggs scrambled

Bootcamp at 9am.  Almost passed out… no joke.

Post work out: banana with almond butter

Worked for a few hours, got my hair done, went to State Law Library for legal research.

“lunch” – lara bar

“dinner” – a few pita chips and baba ganoush (not a good call) and greek soup. ( I was craving my grandmother’s lemon/chicken/rice soup and ended up at the greek restaurant downtown.  It was good soup, but not yia yia’s.

Home to couch in misery.

Day 17:

breakfast: Had high hopes and made bacon eggs and sweet potato.  Ate half, Baxter got the rest.

snack/lunch: macadamia nuts, banana

dinner: meatloaf with mashed cauliflower. Ate it all, was definitely famished.  My stomach hates me. Headache from hell.