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Do a body good.

Just the same as everybody is different, so is every body.  I’ve spent about a gazillion hours admiring the bodies of others and dreaming/reading/asking/wishing/learning about getting a “perfect body.”

Elementary school, I was the chubby girl who couldn’t keep up with the other kids in the neighborhood on our bikes or rollerskates. Middle school, I hid my small boobs and jiggly belly under oversized boy clothes and went to the nurse’s office on days when we had to run “THE MILE” in gym class.  High school, I thinned out a bit, but was always a bit pudgy and embarrassed to wear a swim suit when we swam in gym class (What do you mean no t-shirts allowed, Mr P!?).  Age 20, I got fairly skinny thanks to a diet low on quality food and high on Korbel & diet cokes.  <That diet also got me pregnant, so I don’t recommend it to many of my friends.>  Since losing the baby weight ten years ago, I’ve fluctuated up and down by about 10-15 pounds, and while at the low end of the fluctuation I’m considered a healthy weight and I feel good, I’m not exactly dying to put on a bikini in public… or in the privacy of a poorly lit dressing room… or in a completely private pitch black room for that matter.

Although I know that I SHOULD be happy with exactly how I am, I’m not.  I fully understand that this is because of the media shoving all sorts of anorexic looking models (most of which are airbrushed to appear even THINNER) in our faces day in and day out, and that I should actually be outraged at all of the people who fall for the crap – that we (women) need to be skinny and pretty to be considered anything positive in our society.  It’s crazy to me that the “fatter” America gets, the skinnier the models are.  This Youtube video was shared on a friend’s Facebook wall last week, and I watched it, enthralled and outraged – vowing to change my ways and outlook, if for nothing else, my daughter’s future!  Is it sexist? Yes.  Is it crap?  Yes.  There’s even a bible verse (1 Samuel 16:7) that should help me to be perfectly content with being a good person on the inside… But guess what, when I go to the beach, I’m not confident showing off my good heart.

So.  Here I am… finishing up the last of the chocolates in the house.  Hiding the pasta and noodles and storing away the baking ingredients until the next school treat or christmas cookie is necessary.  (Or, who am I kidding, until I’m craving a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie with my coffee!)

I’ve embarked on a new di–er… new Lifestyle of eating.  Thanks to the personal trainers at the gym where I attend bootcamp, my hubby and I are re-focusing our eating habits.  There’s a transformation “contest” during which I’ll attend 4 bootcamps per week, work out/jog 2-3 more times at home, and focus on healthy foods – no processed foods or carbohydrates.  Produce and proteins.  And that’s it.  For breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks… we shouldn’t have to shop for much in the grocery store beyond the veggies, meats, eggs, cheese, beans and nuts aisles.

Here’s what makes me think that we can do this:

1)  We like veggies.  And chicken.

2) We like to cook. Veggies… and chicken.

3) Each week, Saturday, we’ll eat whatever we want.  If I want a gyro for breakfast and ice cream for dinner, I’ll have it.  According to the trainer, this will spike the metabolism (and alot of other big words, but all I really heard was gyro) and may actually benefit any weightloss/maintenance attempts.

4) This one is the best: red wine is allowed.  Every day.  This is only the best because I’ve recently (ie: since hearing about this di— er, lifestyle change) learned to really appreciate red wine.

So, here we go, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives (or the next 8 weeks, since that’s how long I committed to the trainers) Honestly, I do hope this can lead us all to healthier, fitter, happier bodies.  And it would be pretty cool to hit the beach with a rockin’ body!


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