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My Whole 30. Well, maybe it’s my “99.6% 30”.

For the past 6 months, I’ve eaten predominately clean.  As outlined in the plan I set out in January, I eat clean during the week, and have a cheat day each and every Saturday.  I’ve continued to lose weight, build strength, and feel great.  However, the last 4-6 weeks or so, those “Cheat Saturdays” have slowly crept to “Cheat Friday Nights”, “Cheat Sunday Brunches”, “Cheat mid-week Happy Hour” and the infamous “Cheat 4,000 calorie drink at drive-thru coffee house of your choice every morning”.

On my clean eating days, and good intention-days, I’ve become addicted to the recipes and writing over at PaleOMG… through searching her archives and following link after link, page after page, I was lead to the Whole 9 and my discovery of the Whole 30 – 30 days of eliminating all the crap that slips into our diets – focusing on the good stuff. I’m not here to explain it to you – there are hundreds of pages you can google to find out more information – but I will report back with my experience. The good, the bad, and the ugly.  The tasty food, the sugar cravings, the <pretty pretty please> belly fat loss.  My “99.6%” comes from the fact that I KNOW there is NO way that I won’t have a glass of red wine (or 9) somewhere in those 30 days.  Come on now, let’s be real.

Look out for more details – how we got ready… what we’ll eat… how we’re feeling… what we’re doing… before and after pictures… recipes.. pictures… and whatever else I decide to throw out there.  Can’t wait!


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