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Starting the Whole 30 in 5… 4…. 3…

Last week I discovered the Whole 30 and decided that Monday, July 9th was the day.  I told my hubby, who’s also been eating pretty clean, but cheating right along with me, and he decided to start his own Whole 30 as well.  We started doing some research and learning about what to expect during the month, and started to think about all of the things we wouldn’t be eating in those 30 days.  Cheese… Protein shakes… milk… peanuts…  We’d already been doing pretty good, so the idea wasn’t too much of a stretch, but both of us are pretty addicted to our chocolate/PB/banana protein smoothies each morning. 

With the big day looming, both of us sort of automatically started making up for the relatively small sacrifices we’d be making by splurging even more than we had been.  Last week included a trip to PF Chang – with dessert; lunch at Glass Nickel (yum, spinach cheese bread!); a trip to a drive-in diner (hello, bacon cheeseburger and root-beer float!); and an all day “drinking white wine/eating cookout food” event at our house.  (In my defense, it was about 98 degrees, so I did sweat out alot of that crap right away!)  Sunday was a combination of purging the crap from our house and eating our “last supper” – A gyro and french fries from the place across the street.  I also ate two pieces of ice cream cake.  Ridiculous.  

We spent Sunday evening grocery shopping, prepping and cooking Whole30 approved meals for the week, and throwing away what junkfood leftovers we couldn’t manage to scarf down.  I felt guilty for throwing food away, but really – I could not eat “right” with Cheetos and potato salad staring me in the face, and my daughter has no need to be eating up all of that junk, even though I’m sure she’d prefer cookies and chips to cauliflower rice any day.  (Sidenote: she’s enjoyed 1.5 meals out of 2 so far – watch for her kid reaction to our meal plans coming in a future post!)

So, come Sunday night, the house was clean, the fridge and cabinets were stocked with the “good stuff” and we went to bed early knowing we were in for it this week.  Gorging on all of that junk all week did NOT help us at all, just fuels the body’s addiction to the grains and additives that you are avoiding in the Whole30.  But we are 2.5 days in and SO FAR SO GOOD.


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