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Whole30. Week ONE.

First things first.  I suck at blogging.

I have every intention of typing something up, every day.  Sometimes twice a day.  And I even have ideas and think about how to put ’em into words and shuffle them out into web la la land.  Some of them are even pretty clever, if you ask me.  But then…. I don’t.  I find something else to do.  Not that I have tons of free time anyway, but really – I should have enough time to blog a few minutes every day… but instead I fill up that time with Facebook.  Or searching recipes.  Or reading.  Or daydreaming about sweet foods.  Don’t even get me started on Pinterest….

I’m not sure why I make excuses and procrastinate on writing for you.  I do tend to procrastinate on everything though… except Bootcamp.  I frickin’ LOVE the way I feel when I get done with a tough bootcamp class.  Maybe I can find a way to find some blissful feeling after a blog post… or cleaning the kitchen, or laundry, and all that other stuff I procrastinate on.  I’m going to work on that.  AND… I’m totally going to take a week and put Facebook on a timeout.  And Pinterest, too.  Ok, no that won’t happen.  But I’ll scale back, I swear!


I have felt GREAT.  I weighed myself (even though that’s a strict Whole30 no, no) and I was down 2 pounds.  Can’t complain, espeically when I eat eat and eat some more.  It’s just a different kind of eating.  No mindless shoving food in my face.  I consciously have to think about and plan what I am going to eat for every meal and every snack.  That sucks.  But in a good way.

I’ve eaten nothing but delicious food this week.  Here’s a recap of the healthy, clean food, with nothing but responsibly produced meat and vegetables, healthy fats, fruits and nuts.


Breakfast has been delicious.  3 out of 4 days I had some variation of the sweet potato hash you see below.  Diced sweet potatoes, some sort of meat (pictured below is leftover chicken one day, and chicken breakfast sausage another), cooked in a frying pan with coconut oil, seasoned with chili powder and garlic, and topped with 2 over easy eggs.  SOOO GOOOOD.


I made up a double batch of Whole30 approved chili. Put in individual sized plastic storage containers and had them ready to grab and go for me and my hubby all week. (Bless his heart, he’s right on board with me, although far more skeptical than I am.)  There were 8 servings when all was dished out, so mid-week, I switched over to leftovers.


We had some pretty impressive dinners if you ask me!  Spaghetti squash with meatballs and organic, non-sugary spaghetti sauce.  Roasted chicken with cauliflower rice.  The best beef roast I’ve ever made, adapted from this stew recipe. (which also provided me with excellent leftovers for the next two days at work!).  The best meal of the week – and maybe one of the best we’ve ever had at home, was the Shrimp & Watermelon Kabobs pictured below.  Seasoned with curry and lemon, and served with grilled zucchini out of our garden, these really hit the spot.  The recipe for the kabobs, along with many other summertime yumminess can be found at Whole9life.


Snacks were tricky at first.  I used to have string cheese every mid-morning.  Now? No dairy.  I really like peanut butter celery.  Now, no peanut butter. This first week I ended up making a bunch of hard-boiled eggs to keep on hand at work; ate small handfuls of almonds, a banana or apple, and lots and lots of green tea.

That about sums up our work-week menu.  Had some pretty good food, which definitely helps to keep your mind off of what is missing.  (Cheese!) There was definitely more work involved… well, maybe not work, but thought.  You have to check labels, change habits.  But we figured it out, and managed to adhere strictly to the rules.  The pre-planning that we did on Sunday to prepare for the week was crucial.  We did not plan for the weekend as well, and that caused a bit of stress.  But that’s another post.


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