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Going strong! Whole30, Week 2.

So, we had just survived a 3 day weekend which included a birthday party and a camping trip.  This Whole30 is in the bag!

Week 2 of our Whole 30 was the same as the first, only different.  The sugar withdrawls were over, and we felt pretty good about getting through the weekend, so we knew this week would be a piece of cake. Without cake, of course.

It was.

I have an 11 year old daughter and hubby has an 11 year old son.  While we are switching up our “lifestyle” to this very strict, naked, whole food diet, what are they doing?  We’ve gotten rid of the cereals in our house – breakfast is a choice of scrambled eggs or oatmeal.  Lunch = PB&J on Whole Wheat with Natural PB and natural Jam.  Dinner… unless we’re eating something CRAZY (as my kiddo would say) like Salmon or something just not kid friendly (really, I would NOT have eaten that when I was 11) they eat what we eat. *Mostly.


On days that I have early bootcamp, instead of a protein shake, I come home and make the sweet potato hash with meat and over-easy eggs.  Other days I sautee some veggies, add some kind of meat, and then pour in scrambled eggs.  Top that with some baby spinach, let it all cook up mix it up and yum.  (Even  without topping it with feta.)


Took leftover taco salad to work on Tuesday; leftover beef roast a couple of days, and tried to eat out at Chipotle one day.  I got the carnitas (the only thing NOT sauteed in soybean oil) over romaine, topped with guacamole and pico.  The carnitas (pulled pork) was soooo good… however, the guac and pico were so loaded with cilantro that I kinda gagged a little.  I was starving, so I still ate it, but ick!  Are you one of the unfortunate souls who can’t stand the taste (or even the smell) of cilantro?  I want to like it… but it tastes like a dirty dish rag smells.  Gross.  If you feel my pain, you’ll totally appreciate THIS.  If not, carry-on, go ahead and tell me how GOOD it is, and how you can’t imagine your indian/greek/mexican food without it.  <shivers>


The beef stew in the crockpot made another appearance.  It’s delicious.  We had chicken thighs with veggies one night, and visited the Whole Foods Salad bar one night as well. Enjoyed spaghetti squash with meatballs (and a side of “breaded” zucchini) one night, and leftovers of meatballs on top of “breaded” zucchini another night.  I find it takes a little pressure off of the meal-planning if you make enough one night to cover a couple of lunches and dinners.  Just get hungry, reheat and EAT!


Hard boiled eggs, almonds, carrots, pistachios, shrimp with lemon, and ONE night I had banana ice cream.  (Not technically a cheat, but dessert, which is not encouraged AT ALL.) But it was soooo goooood…..


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