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Social Life? Weekend #1 Whole30

Weekend eating was an entirely different animal than the relatively easy week we had planned.

We’ve always been in the habit of grocery shopping on Sundays for enough food for the work-week, and each weekend was left up to chance.  We didn’t plan weekend meals because we didn’t know where we would be heading, what we’d be doing, where we’d be no doubt drinking beer and living it up.  Also, Saturdays were always reserved as “cheat days”, where we could eat whatever we wanted to without feeling bad about it. Usually the weekend would consist of at least 3 meals out to eat – Wings and Chili Cheese Fries at Buffalo Wild Wings; New Jersey style pizza from a local shop 2 blocks from our house; cheese curds and custard from Culvers.  We knew we’d be in for a challenge for our first weekend during our Whole30.

This particular weekend was going to be tough.  My bff’s son was turning two… and cake and ice cream/gift opening was scheduled for Saturday afternoon.  My initial reaction was to make up an excuse, drop off a gift and hug, and avoid the party.  But in the end, we faced the challenge head on… because, really?  Was I going to let my food choices effect my social life?  We ate a good lunch (Hello Whole Foods buffet!!)  before we went over, and I packaged up some coconut chips and almonds to snack on while we watched the little cutie open his gifts.  Good thing we were prepared, too… the “cake and ice cream” party was a full out buffet of snacks… chips and dips, cheeses, BFF’s mother-in-law had whipped up her famous cucumber bread thingies (some small, thin, delicious rye bread with some creamy goodness topped with a slice of cucumber – impossible to explain how scrumptious they are!). My hubby was a little sad when the Miller Lite’s started being passed around, and he gloomily declined; my sad experience was the DQ ice cream cake that I did not eat. Sniff!

We did duck out early and ended up spending a nice night playing cribbage and listening to some funk band at the Memorial Union. (Very cool venue on the Lake Mendota lakefront in on the University of Madison.) The following day we had to get up early and get my daughter picked up from her dad’s house early and dropped off at “Horse Camp” near Sheboygan (about 2 hours away.)  We decided to check out a new state park in Sheboygan and camp for the night, hang on the beach, ride bikes and enjoy a campfire while we were up that way.  Roadtripping and camping without the usually “go-to” snacks and treats was diifffffeerrennntttt to say the least.

We survived it, but both agreed that camping and the Whole30 just don’t mix for us.  We like beer too much.  And marshmallows.  And did I mention beer??


Breakfast – Sweet potato hashbrown scramble (with apples and breakfast sausage)

Lunch – visited the Whole Foods buffet.  This was my first trip ever to Whole Foods.  Crazy place!  In lovvveeee….

Dinner –  Made burgers on the grill and served ’em with pineapple, avocados, onions and lettuce.  Yum!


Breakfast: sweet potato hash with sausage and fried eggs.

Lunch: we stopped at a family diner on the road to daughter’s camp – searched the menu thoroughly and decided on a Denver Omelette with a fruit cup.  No hashbrowns.  No toast.  It was delicious.  And may or may not have had butter or milk in it somewhere… don’t ask, don’t tell.

Dinner: at the campsite.  We cooked some brats that we bought at Whole Foods and a side of sliced and fried sweet potatoes, guacamole, peppers and onions.  Was a pretty tasty meal.

MONDAY MENU (yup, three day weekend bitches!)

Breakfast – eggs with peppers and onions, assorted fruit (apples, bananas)

Lunch – hard boiled egg, carrots, almonds, coconut chips. (sort of just grazed while we packed up the camping gear and drove home.)

Dinner  – Taco Salads. Recipe coming!


Coconut chips, baby carrots, almonds, fruit, hard boiled eggs, tea, coffee.



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