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Whole30 Approved Taco Salads

Whole 30 Approved Taco Salads

This isn’t a real formal recipe.  Follow along here:

Brown 1 lb of grass-fed ground beef (I used 85/15 from Whole Foods) in a pan.  Season with 1 tbls cumin, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp chili powder, 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper, and salt & pepper to taste.

Grab a large dish or bowl (2 if you have someone special you want to share with).  Fill with lettuce (I used romaine from a pre-cut, pre-washed bag). Chop up veggies of choice (ex: tomatoes, green onions, green peppers, jalepenos – if you like some sass!) Top lettuce with a big a$$ scoop of meat, top the meat with chopped veggies, top the veggies with Whole30 approved salsa (surprisingly easy to find!) and top THAT with sliced avocado.  Serve.  Eat.  Don’t forget to breathe.  I may or may not have gotten a little light-headed half -way through this meal… :0)

I KNOW looking at recipes without pictures SUCKS!  But I swear I TOOK pictures!  I just lost em!  I’ll defiitely make this again, and I’ll try to keep my sh*t together long enough to post some pictures.  Unless I eat it all too fast before taking pics.  Hmmm…


3 thoughts on “Whole30 Approved Taco Salads

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  2. intrigued!! Where did you find the whole-30 approved salsa?! I LOVE salsa on eggs, with meat, etc!

    • I believe it was PACE chunky salsa that I grabbed – I was surprised when the first jar that I picked up to inspect the ingredients listed only veggies and no added sugar! The grocery store version will have to suffice until my garden starts spewing out fresh ingredients!

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