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Adventures in Whole30ville. Week 3.

It’s not too hard to eat what you’re supposed to eat when everything that you can eat tastes so good.  This 3rd week was the BEST as far as all of our new recipes went. But, I’m feeling like the things that I am not supposed to eat –  I really don’t want them – but since I’m not SUPPOSED to want them, the inner REBEL in me keeps saying – EAT CHEESE!  DRINK VODKA!  SCARF DOWN CHOCOLATE!!

It’s not bad though.  I can suppress that inner rebel by looking at my body in the mirror.  It’s NOT a hot body like the girls on TV.  But really, it’s not too bad either.  The flab that I’ve lived with since I was 12 is GONE from everywhere – except the belly.  And what’s on the belly is not much AT ALL.  It’s just there, and I see it, and I want it gone.  I can see the definition of my abs under that layer of chub, and I WANT THEM OUT! So, I’m still trucking. But you should check out my biceps and triceps.  I’ve flexed my arms in public twice this week.  I was instantly ashamed.  Not of my arms, but of the flexing like a testosterone laden high school kid.  Who does that?  Oh… me.  And I did it three times.

Week 3 of the whole30 was more of the same.  And more of the new stuff.  Dinners were AMAZING… something fresh and new every night. My favorite recipe of the week was the chicken salad that I made after being inspired to make homemade mayo to satisfy a tuna salad craving.  I also ordered some PureWraps (paleo friendly) online.  They were pricey as far as wraps go, especially after shipping.  BUT THE CURRY ONES WERE WORTH EVERY CENT. Recipes and photos will be posted.  The chicken salad is so good I would eat it for every meal and snack all day long if I wasn’t busy taking my tastebuds on an amazing Whole30 journey this week. Here’s a sneak peek:

We also ate expensive fish TWICE this week… tuna once and salmon another.  That trip to Whole Foods hurt the wallet a little.  Stuff adds up there FAST.

Breakfasts Week 3:

Yummy sweet potato hashbrowns and sausage and eggs.

Leftover Steak and eggs.

Eggs and ham. Not green.


Chicken Salad

Tuna Salad

Cobb Salad at Potbelly.


Burgers with avocados, onions, and pineapple.

Beef Roast made an appearance for the third week in a row.

Salmon with cherry tomato salsa and asparagus. (Hubby’s creation)

Steak feast with mushrooms, onions and peppers; peach & avocado salad.

Mahi Mahi tuna with avocado stuff.  (Hubby’s creation)

Chicken Wings and Sweet potato “Fries”.

Meatloaf with smashed cauliflower.


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