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Coffee (my ode to thee)

I just want to take a sec and give a shot out (yup, I said it) to my dear friend, coffee.  Thank you so much for coming into my life.  You’ve done so much for me, even after I spent a good many years turning my nose up at your smell, let alone at the thought of giving you a chance to enter my body.

I can remember it like it was yesterday – granted, a very fuzzy yesterday. I consumed too many captain and cokes (you know THAT was a long time ago – I’m loyal to my VOKKA these days!) and the next day was a tough one.  Had to work early, and Mountain Dew just wasn’t going to do the trick.  I decided on a fancy coffee drink with chocolate chips and whipped cream on top.  It may have been a combo of the caffeine and the sugar and chocolate that kicked my hangover to the curb. Heaven.

That was just the start – it broke the seal for a love of coffee.  I was able to get rid of the fluff – the sugary 4,000 calorie drinks just couldn’t work on a regular basis, not to mention the cost!! Yikes!  So I began to enjoy brewing my own coffee and adding sugar and flavored creamers… yum, french vanilla creamer!

Next coffee love was lattes at the chain coffee shops, and then within the last six months I developed an obsessed/evil/dangerous/love/hate addiction to Chai Tea Lattes. Like an EVERY DAY needed to start with a spicy frothy chai latte topped with cinnamon and nutmeg.  I switched to soy milk telling myself that made it all better… but at $4 per day, that too had to pass!

Enter my very first Whole30.  No soy milk… no sugar… no dairy… no chai tea lattes.  I drank alot of green tea when I first started the 30 days… and that worked for a while.  But then, we came home from our camping trip on Monday, completely wiped; and I had dart league that night.  In the middle of a Whole30 so VOKKA REDBULLS were out of the question.  Didn’t want to snooze on the barstool between matches, and certainly didn’t want my dart partner angry with me for not only NOT drinking, but being a tired, lazy, boring mess….. SO.

On my way to dart league I stop at the local coffee shop – one 16 ounce cup of organic fresh brewed coffee.  No cream.  No sugar.  No skim.  No nothing. I was tempted to cheat and add the goods… but a line from the Whole9life.com website was stuck in my head:

“It is not hard. Don’t you dare tell us this is hard. Quitting heroin is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard.”

So I did it.


Sip two.  Bitter, ick ick ick.

Sip three?  I think I only took the third sip because the taste that the second sip left on my tongue was so awful that I needed to drink something… and the only something I had was the coffee. Hmmmmm, interesting.

Sip four – twenty-nine.  Not too shabby.  I was alert and awake and oh so happy at dart league.  Maybe even a better high than the typical vodka press buzz that I get on Monday night dart league. (don’t judge me!)

The rest is history.  I have learned to LOVE black coffee.  I visited the same coffee shop for the next week alternating between black brewed coffee and Americanos (espresso topped with hot water – no room for cream or sugar.)  I spent $25 on coffee that week when all was said and done.

So, I’ve pulled the coffee pot back out at home and bought some fresh organic coffee beans at the grocery store.  I love the smell as I grind the beans in our grinder and as the aroma of the coffee brewing fills the house in the morning.  I limit myself to two cups a morning… and with everything else that I’ve given up, I will NOT feel bad about my love and loyalty to caffeine.  I am tempted to get some of my favorite flavored coffees (Highlander Grogg anyone!?!?) but I’m not sure how those flavors are added to the coffee and if they are “approved”.  If anyone has insight on that, I’d love to hear your take on it.

Ahhhh, smell that?  Coffee’s ready!!!

Want some coffee fun facts???  Check out THIS FUN FILLED COFFEE COMIC….


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