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Um. What happened?

So, I was doing it.. I was ACTUALLY DOING IT!!  Blogging regularly!  I even got up to 11 posts!

And then… well.. life happens and I decided to do other things instead.  You know, like stalk people that I really don’t care about on Facebook?  Drink red wine while I try AGAIN to read “50 Shades of Grey”. (Ugh, I just cannot get into it! “Inner Goddess” this… “Oh Crap” that…)

But then my neice… my awesome/talented/drop dead gorgeous neice starts a blog – check it out here – and inspires me to post something.  Ok, actually, I made a comment on her page, which links my name to my blog, and I realized, I am a slacker blogger and everyone is going to know it! (“Everyone” being my family who are curious/nosey enough to check this out, of course.)

So, here I am.   Lucky you!

Wanna know this week’s meal plan?  Probably not really, but you know what? I’m telling you anyway. I have made some crazy good food this week!  Sunday was NOT a PALEO or Whole30 friendly meal plan.  We ate sweet corn drenched in real butter and salt… it was CORNFEST in Sun Prairie, and we participated!  That was dinner.  I may or may not have eaten three ears.  I did.

Monday – hubby made steaks on the grill.  Served with zucchini & onion & tomatoes cooked on the grill (in foil packets with coconut oil and italian seasonings – delish!)

Tuesday – Rump roast thrown in the crockpot with onions and garlic and mushrooms, chicken broth, coconut milk, and seasonings.

TONIGHT – OMG… thank you to PaleOMG… my favorite blog in the entire world – THE ONLY one I’ve ever religiously sought out DAILY to see what else she has to say or what fantasitc recipe she has to post… what was I saying??

Oh, yes!  Tonight’s Dinner!

Ground Meat.  Leftover shredded beef. Bacon.  Avocado.  BBQ sauce. All. In. One. Dish.

The smell of those burgers cooking on my stove, aside the sizzlin’ bacon, and the simmering BBQ sauce was tantilizing. I’ve never used that word in a sentence before, but its the best I can come up with to describe the aromas floating around my kitchen.  Baxter was in hound-nose heaven.  And he thought he was getting some bacon.  He thought wrong.

Tomorrow’s dinner will include a PALEO version of chicken tacos… I’m going to attempt to make tortillas from coconut flour!  Wish me luck!!


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