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Workout 1, check.

Good. Ness. Gray. Shuss.That was a workout!  Dustin made a surprise Monday morning appearance to lead bootcamp today, usually I see Kerri’s perky smile first thing.  As we got started with the workout I was relieved to have Dustin’s playlist to keep me going through the push-ups, squat jumps, spidermans and burpees.  I definitely needed the beats of the hip hop he plays, I’m not sure I would have had the drive to do 60 push-ups this morning had adult contemporary been playing.  (Don’t get me wrong, I love that music, but Neon Trees just doesn’t get me amped quite the same as Pitbull.)

So, yes, four rounds of those four exercises kicked my ass this morning.  I was spent.  And after that, just for fun, we added three rounds of bootstrappers, mountain climbers, hip dips and split thrusts.  I thought about passing out midway through the second round of split thrusts, but decided that would be a shitty start to a Monday morning and sucked it up.  I survived!  Rushed home, dreaming about a creamy protein shake, knowing it was just a dream… Whole30(21) does not include protein shakes.  But it does include cold chicken legs, skin on.  So that’s what I had for a post-workout snack to settle my roaring stomach.  Delicious!

I cooked up a pack of chicken thighs and legs last night, so DH could take some for lunch this week, and I could have some on hand for when I’m ravenous and don’t have time to cook before I eat my arm off. Cold chicken legs was a perfect post-workout meal this morning!

The plan for the rest of the day?

Breakfast – veggie scramble. And COFFEE, with coconut milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Snack, if necessary – Hard-boiled egg.

Lunch – left over seafood scampi (made with shrimp, scallops, red pepper and coconut oil, among other things) and a salad.

Snack, if necessary – apple with almond butter.

Dinner – hubby is grilling steaks and making sauteed veggies.  Looking forward to it!

And then, dart league…  curse you dart league and your tempting vodkas and Miller Lites.  Curse you!

Wish me luck!


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