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Day 3 = Hump day!

Here it is, Day 3 of the 21 Day Be Strong Challenge put on by my awesome bootcamp gym, Edge Fitness.

I’m also doing another Whole30 (21) to coincide with the extra hard work I’ll be putting in at the gym while I crank out extra pushups (real ones), squats, over head rope slams, jungle-gym rows and BURPEES!  <– I love that there is a wikipedia article about them!!!!

SO FAR SO GOOD.  We really weren’t really eating too bad as it was… just tended to abandon all ideas of health whatsoever each and every weekend.  So, during the week, it’s pretty easy. This weekend will be the CHALLENGE for me.  It’s our anniversary on Monday, and while we are going to lay low, we do have a nice lobster dinner planned (lobster and melted ghee should be ok!).  We’ll have to figure out a good side dish that feels like a splurge but that is really “approved”.  We WILL be eating some of the cake that has been in the freezer all year.  SOME. But, we’ll make it.  We also have plans (weather permitting) to hike alot, go to a pumpkin patch, and maybe to a movie.  No shots involved. 🙂 Sidenote: where did the year go?  I am blessed to be so in love with such an amazing and supportive man.

BTW, I am adding “Audio Visual Tech” to my resume after my role with Tay’s school band last night.  I volunteered to help and was given the task of running the video recorder. There was more than ONE button that got to be pushed!  I got to hit power, zoom, record, and stop.  Pretty sure that video will go down in the books as the best ever of a middle school band concert. Toot toot.  (That was my own horn.)

And I’m going to TOOT TOOT again (not like that goofball), because that dinner I made last night was DELISH.  Not that the recipe was all that hard or anything, but I added my own touch to things… and I served it over cauliflower rice seasoned just right – and Tay didn’t even realize it was cauliflower until half her plate was gone.  (Of course, THEN it was gross, hmmph! )

Pork chops seasoned with cinnamon & salt, covered with sauteed apples and onions, over cauliflower rice. 

 <- Breakfast for Day 3!  leftover pork chop, eggs & asparagus! YUMMO.

Plan for Day 3:

Workout: bootcamp at 6:15 am

Breakfast – porkchop, eggs, aspargus

Snack, if necessary = apple & almond butter

Lunch = Big Ass Salad

Sanck, if necessary = hard boiled egg

Dinner = Burgers!  (made with grass-fed beef, grilled, topped with bacon and avocado, served over lettuce.)




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