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Woot woot! Friday and Day 5!

Bootcamp this morning was a great workout.  It was hard and intense but somehow the time flew by.  There’s nothing worse than looking up at the clock in hopes that it’s almost 6:45 (which means we’re pretty close to the end, or the finisher, or whatever) only to find out that barely 8 minutes have passed.  Thank goodness today was not one of those days!  Lots of hard work – and more pushups!  4 days this week! AND today included band resistance push-ups… so just in case the pushups didn’t challenge you enough, you should put a band around your back to make it harder to lift yourself off the ground.  Hard. Work.

Guess what?  I rocked em.  Well, rocked is a strong word.  I did them.  More than I thought I could do.  And it’s sad, because now I KNOW I could’ve done more if that little voice wasn’t in the back of my head saying, “This is hard”.  “You can’t do 20 of these in 30 seconds!  You can maybe do 8.” What is it about that voice?  That same voice tells me that Mountain Climbers are impossible to do for more than 24 seconds.  Ugh! Mountain Climbers!  Nothing like Mountain Climbers to bring out the Negative Nancy in me.  That will be my new challenge within this challenge: to tell that voice to STFU and deal with the Mountain Climbers.  I mean really, the voice loves Burpees, could do em all day long (ok, for 60 seconds) but can’t get the knees to drive up for climbers for half that?  Lame.

It’s the weekend!  Lord knows I’m ready for it.  But I won’t just be sitting around.  Gotta get up, get housework done, get homework done, get grocery shopping done and prep for next week’s meals.  Gotta get some QT in with Hubby, it IS our one year anniversary after all!  I also need to take a minute or two TODAY and plan our meals for the weekend, because THIS weekend is going to be different… we will NOT abandon all discipline and order gyros tonight and eat pancakes for breakfast and then eat Sal’s Tomato Pies for dinner and then wash it all down with vokka or Miller Lite.  We. Will. Not. Do. That.  I’ll eat well, remember how crappy I feel after a day of crap eating, and a night of excess drinking.  Maybe a glass of red wine?  or MAYBE a hard cider if I’m feeling really reckless, but I’m going to try to keep it on track!  I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to still feel like I’m splurging:  THIS and/or THIS will be on the docket.

Day 5 Plan:

6:15 bootcamp!

7:30 – Breakfast – chicken thigh, scrambled eggs and asparagus; COFFEE with coconut milk.

Snack, if necessary – LARA BAR

Lunch – Big ass Salad and leftover chicken leg, thigh.

Snack, if necessary, Hard boiled egg

Dinner: TBD.  I will need to figure that out before I head home, grab the ingredients on the way, BEFORE I get home starving and just order a Gryo. 🙂


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