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Kitchen Inspiration

Oh. My. Gosh.

I did NOT stick to the plan.  My night consisted of dairy products and bread, red wine, brandy, vodka, hard cider and shots.  This. Is. Not. Good. My stomach is furious with me and my head is pounding, but WOOOO HOOOOO it was fun!

We went to the Wonderbar Steak House as part of our one year anniversary celebration… delicious food and very cool atmosphere.  We ordered crab bisque and Barbecue Bacon Wrapped Prawns (big shrimp).  Frickin’ good.  The waiter brought rolls.  Yum.  I had a glass of Pinot Noir, which was good, but $10 a glass, so after that I asked for a Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet.  Um, what?  I’m not even sure why I ordered that. It was delicious, and I was drunk at that point.  The rest of the night included a visit to the venue of our wedding reception for a little reminiscing, and then a trip downtown to the Ivory Room piano bar.  We got lucky and knew someone who had reserved the VIP area and got to spend the night 3 feet away from the Dueling Pianos.   It was awesome.

Me, next to Anthony Cao, one of the awesomely talented piano guys.

So, while hubby and I may have fallen off track a little bit, we did thoroughly enjoy ourselves as we went out for our 1 year anniversary.  Now the trick will be NOT letting it all go to hell today.  I’m ravenous, as in woke up and crawled to the refrigerator in search of something to get into my belly.  In our junk-food-proof house, my only option was apple and almond butter to hold me off until coffee and a good breakfast can be secured.

My head hurts.

Good news! We found some great inspiration for our kitchen’s face-lift!

It’s already turned into a slightly bigger project than anticipated.  Should be a good way to work through the hangovers and into a productive day.

Plan for today (Day 6):

Breakfast #1 – apple with almond butter

Breakfast #2 – Breakfast Meatza (in the oven now!)

Snacks – almonds and dates or hard boiled eggs

Lunch – rotisserie chicken from Copps and some sort of veggie

Dinner – TBD.  After a day in the kitchen painting and such, it MIGHT turn into a Salvatore’s kinda night.  Guess we’ll see!

Happy Sunday!  (It’s way easy to say that, since I’M OFF TOMORROW BITCHES!)  Woo hoo!!


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