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Day 7!

Mondays are better when they’re not spent at work.  Just an observation.

Hubby and I took the day off since it’s our one year wedding anniversary.  We’ve been “celebrating” the whole weekend, and I’m looking forward to one more day of just enjoying each other.  We’re going to wrap up our impromptu kitchen project, maybe see his parents for a little while (how’s that for love, I WANT see my mother-in-law on our anniversary!) and get some last minute birthday shopping done for Jon’s son, Kam.  He’s just turned 12, and DH’s thinking about getting him an X-Box.  I’m pretty sure that gift would be just as much for DH (he’s mentioned Madden more than a few times) but I know Kam will love it, and if the two of them can find some common ground on the virtual football field, so be it!

Here’s a random thought that I need to share.  I’ve been avoiding bread for about 4 months now.  Each time that I caved and ate bread this weekend (the delicious roll at Wonderbar and the friggin’ amazing tasting crust at Sal’s last night), I’ve paid dearly for it.  My stomach was in knots, cramps, horrible pain for the next two hours each night.  I know that before the last four months, I could eat bread without much of a problem (I definitely had some stomach issues, but wasn’t sure what to blame them on, and they were not severe.), but now that my body isn’t being served wheat on a regular basis, it’s like I have no tolerance for it.  This is just a random thought, and I can’t decide if I’m better off knowing that it’s not good for my belly or if I was better off in blissful stage of ignorance.

Whatever the answer is to that question is to be determined.  I’m going back to avoidance for now, that pain really was not fun, PLUS I feel like I’ve gained 7 pounds since Friday.  Ick.

Today’s agenda:

Workout: went for a walk.  Will be walking while shopping.  Will paint more.  Will work extra hard at bootcamp tomorrow.

Breakfast: Breakfast sausage in acorn squash.  Recipe courtesy of my favorite blog, www.PALEOMG.com.

Lunch: ???

Dinner:????  Followed by one year old cake.

??? = I have no plans.  Having a plan would be the best option, but I don’t have it.  Maybe I’ll have a salad?  Maybe I’ll have pasta?  Who knows.  Guess we’ll see where the road leads. We’re heading out to Home Depot for the last of (hopefully) the kitchen materials.  Need to get more paint.  We bought a whole gallon of the color “crepe”, painted one portion of the wall and I think our eyes were burning out.  Husband says it reminds him of the “skin” color of Crayola crayons.  That pretty much sums it up – we do NOT need skin on our walls.  Especially pinkish/yellowish/palish glowing skin.






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