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Tuesday, Day 9

Tuesdays are a better way to start a “Work-Week”.  Wayyyy better than Mondays.  But thanks to my three day anniversary-celebrating weekend, I’m all off track.  I’m behind a work out already and my belly is MESSED up from the horrible food I ate all weekend.  Considering I told myself this was going to be a 21 day CLEAN EATING period, I’m not too proud of my food choices this weekend.  HOWEVER, I will not feel guilty for enjoying myself on my anniversary!

We ate the top tier of our wedding cake last night.  Considering it was in the freezer for a year, it was NOT BAD AT ALL.  I had let it dethaw for a couple of days and last night, after a weekend of enjoying each other’s company and reflecting on how blessed and thankful we are, we re-enacted the cake-cutting of our wedding.  But this time, when I offered him a bite of the freshly sliced cake, I SMASHED IT IN HIS FACE.  Ooooh WEEEEEE he did not see that coming.  Prior to our wedding, we had discussed how my father would be NOT AT ALL HAPPY if we made “a mockery of our wedding vows” by making a joke out of each other and smashing cake in each other’s faces in front of the entire wedding reception.  So, at the wedding, it was strictly eating cake, no funny business.  I think DH assumed that that decorum was carrying over to our 1 year anniversary.  The look on his face when I took the chocolate cake covered with golden frosting… and smooshed it up his nose and in his eye…  Let’s just say I paid for that action.  It was worth it.  We were both on the floor laughing til we cried.  Perfect ending to the perfect weekend.

I am still giggling.

Ok, so that weekend was not what I planned – but it was incredibly fun, and included steak, crab bisque, pizza, sushi, red wine, and chocolate cake.  If I’m going to get these abdominal muscles to be visible (other than when I walk around with my arms over my head – new trick!) I’m really going to have to watch the crap intake.  How do you decide what’s best?  To have rockin abs that you can be proud of and rock at the beach on vacation – Dominican Republic coming up in January!  OR to enjoy the “good stuff” in life.  And wait, is delicious food really “the good stuff”??  It seems like a trick.


Up and at em at 6am – getting DH and Tay off to a good start!

Light breakfast – 2 oz of ham steak, banana with almond butter; coffee with coconut milk.

BOOTCAMP AT 9AM.  I have some work to do.

Post workout meal – breakfast sausage, with acorn squash and eggs (leftover from the weekend).

Class at 11-1:45.  Legal Research.  Sounds like so much fun! Blah.

Late lunch – grilled chicken on a salad. Homework time!

Class at 3-5.  Career Builder – priming me and my peers for a GRRRREAT paralegal career.

Dinner – leftover spaghetti squash with chicken.

Class at 5:30 – 8:20.  Bankruptcy Law.  Yup, Tuesdays are LONG.

Make it a great day!!




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