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Wednesday, Day 10!

Yes, I think my counting got screwed up somewhere, you’ll notice my days are in a jumbled order through previous posts.  But today is, in fact, Day 10 of the Be Strong Challenge at Edge Fitness.  I’m feeling pretty strong.  Besides my quads being sore to the touch (movement) from RDL’s and my arms not having the ability to extend over my head without extra effort due to the shoulder presses today.  Besides all that, very strong! 😉

I have a confession.  I don’t own a pair of knee high brown boots. Nor, do I own a pair of skinny jeans.  Is that two confessions?  I bring it up, because it seems that everyone has these two items… well, every woman with any iota of style.  Outfits ALL over Pinterest include those two items.  Apparently, I am behind.  I did, however, purchase a scarf.  And not a wool one meant to keep your neck warm under a winter jacket, but a decorative scarf, all full of colors and flowers.  It’s not me, really.  But “me” would be jeans and a t-shirt and sneakers, and probably a head band.  I would definitely wear a sports bra with that outfit.  Any day which can be spent entirely in a sports bra versus a “Real” bra is a good day in my book.   I have one pair of jeans that I “like” to wear; the rest are saggy in the butt, too long, or too short, or too big and fall off.  I have convinced myself to NOT replace all my clothes that are too baggy yet – I’m in that in-between stage “Will I lose more? OR Will I gain it back?” I went from a size 10 to a 4 in a year, I better not gain it back, but…

I’m not sure what the point of that rant was… but MAYBE I’m thinking of trying to pick up on some style.  And MAYBE I’ll add some accessories (hooray for brown boots 3 years after they come into style!) or new clothes that actually fit.  Maybe.  OR maybe I’ll just rock my work out clothes. Whateva.


6:15 boot camp (thanks for the rockin’ work out Dustin!)

7:30: breakfast. Leftover acorn squash/breakfast sausage and eggs. Coffee with coconut milk.

12:00 lunch – big ass salad: leaf lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, red onion, and grilled chicken with olive oil, lemon, salt & pepper dressing. Also, a banana.

3:00 snack – Key Lime Lara Bar

5:45 dinner: meatloaf (made w/ almond flour instead of bread crumbs) and proscuitto wrapped asparagus. (thank you DH for cooking!)

7:15 – Angry Orchard Hard Cider on Tap at Whiskey Jacks.  I had to organize a “Big Buck Hunter” tournament for work tonight, and when in Rome… drink Hard Cider.

9:30 BED. Long day tomorrow!




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