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Day 12 in the books! TGIF

Ahhhhhh! This was A day.  One of THOSE days.  Busy busy busy.  I got to work and “it” just kept piling up. I could’ve used some knee high boots, if you know what I mean.  At 9:45, my co-worker suggested Noodles and Company for lunch… it was definitely one of those days.  I agreed to skip my chicken legs and salad, but asked if she’d agree to Red Robin instead, where I at least had a chance of eating something SOMEWHAT on point.

After inspecting the online menu, I ended up with a bacon cheeseburger, no cheese, no bun, add avocado slices.  “Freckled” fruit salad, instead of fries.  I was excited.

I used to love the burgers at Red Robin.  Apparently I really liked their buns, because THIS was not what I remembered.  The meat was bland, the tomatoes weren’t ripe, and the avocado was stiff.  It shouldn’t be stiff.  The fruit salad was covered in strawberry sauce… like the stuff that would be next to the ice cream machine at a buffet joint.  9 months ago, I probably wouldn’t have said this, but really?  The fruit isn’t sweet enough on its own, it needed strawberry sugar sauce on top?  Ick.  I guess it WAS better than a basket full of steak fries. Depending on who you ask of course…

I should’ve just went with Noodles.  🙂

Luckily, I still made it through the piles of work and after a long day made it home to red wine and a yummy “approved” steak dinner courtesy of my hubby.

Filets, seasoned with s&p, garlic and cooked on the grill.

Mushrooms and onions, sauteed in bacon fat and smidge of ghee, seasoned with S&P, garlic and a dash of worchestershire (how the hell do you spell that word?) sauce.

Aspargus, rubbed with olive oil, seasoned with s&p, lemon pepper and wrapped with proscuitto. (How do you spell THAT word??) Broil in oven for about 7-8 minutes, turn over mid-way.



6:15 bootcamp!

7:30 breakfast – leftover bf sausage, sweet potatoes and eggs

12:00 lunch – bun-less, cheese-less burger with bacon and avocado.  Really, really sugary fruit.

3:00 snack – ginger snap lara bar

5:30 – banana

7:00 – dinner – steaks, mushrooms/onions, and asparagus.

8:45 – one or nine bites of Banana Split Blizzard from DQ.  My grandmother was all alone at home tonight with my mom on a business trip and my dad at work – so I took her some ice cream.  HAD to eat SOME of it to prevent it from melting all over the car. 🙂




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