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Holy Lasagna, Batman! Lasagna, 5 ways. (and day 13)

If you could see me in the kitchen this afternoon assembling our meal for a family get-together tomorrow, you would’ve thought it was pure chaos.  Tomorrow we’re having DH’s parents, his brother and sister-in-law, and my dad and grandma over to celebrate Kambo’s 12th birthday.  It was decided that ice cream cake was not a sufficient lunch to put out, so I volunteered to make my lasagna.  I make a great lasagna.  Or I used to, before this new me decided that noodles and cheese are BAD.

So, today, to please the general population I made my traditional meat lasagna. Sorry, no recipe.  I just throw stuff together.  If your lasagna is missing something, it’s probably sweet italian sausage in addition to ground beef.  Or more cheese.

Hidden on the right side of that pan is zucchini lasagna, which is easy on the noodles and heavy on the meatsauce and veggies and cheese – with zucchini as two layers of noodles – specifically designed as left-overs for my co-workers.  🙂 Come hungry on Monday!

To please the vegetarian(s), I made veggie lasagna: No meat in the sauce; sauteed veggies, spinach, cheese (ricotta & mozzerella), layers of noodles, egg plant and zucchini.

To please myself tomorrow, when I WILL eat cheese, but not noodles, I made “primal” lasagna.  (left). Meatsauce, sauteed veggies, spinach, eggplant & zucchini, light on the cheese.

And for my lunch this week, I made “Paleo Lasagna”. (right) Eggplant and zucchini layers, sauteed veggies, spinach and LOTSA MEATSAUCE.

That’s right.  5 lasagnas. One kitchen.  One afternoon. One me. You might think it was a chaotic chore… it was absolutely theraputic.  No one else was in the house and I got to spend some time (3 hours) with only my thoughts, the simmering sauces and my creations.  Also, it provided a great excuse to procrastinate on the homework and midterms I should be working on and completely distroy the kitchen before having to clean it from top to bottom for company.  Perfect!

3 sauces: traditional meat sauce; meat-less sauce, and no sugar added, organic meat sauce.

Sauteed veggies for the veggie lasagna: mushrooms, onions, broccoli, green pepper.

Sliced zucchini and eggplant, for noodles in the primal/paleo lasagnas.

Assembly and more pics:

DAY 13 (Lucky 13!)

I snuck in an extra bootcamp this morning, since I missed on Monday. 8:00 am

9:30 breakfast – sweet potatoes, ham, and eggs.

Work from 10-1; snacks – celery and almond butter; tropical fruit lara bar.

Grocery shopped in HUGE Woodmans; took Baxter for 2 mile walk.

“lunch” = 2 chicken legs.

Cooked for several hours and cleaned for several more.

Went out to pick out the ice cream cake for tomorrow, ended up at Market Street Diner with one naughty multi-grain pancake, apple sauce and a side of bacon.  No belly ache yet!  Maybe it was the dairy last week!


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