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Ugh… it was the dairy…. (day 14!)

Looks so good…

Suspicions confirmed… my stomach does NOT like any measureable amount of milk product.  It never really did… prior to my “primal/paleo” diet eating days, I frequently got tummy aches and indigestion after eating dairy, especially after ice cream.  The last two weekends included meals that contained wheat and dairy (the rolls and crab bisque at Wonderbar and the pizza at Sal’s Tomato pies).  Last night I ate a pancake – no issues.  Today, ice cream cake:  UGH.  Can’t even describe the feeling in my gut.

But… the cake WAS good.  The best part is the middle chocolate carmel cookie stuff.  There’s no dairy there… hmmm…. maybe I could special order a big bowl of the middle stuff and stick a candle in it for my birthday cake… there we go!

Anyway, great day today celebrating Kambo’s birthday.  Good company, good food, good football, and good times.  I stayed on track until the cake.  And now I’m going to be sticking to veggies the rest of the day, if I eat anything at all.  Stupid belly.

DAY 14: Sunday Funday.

Breakfast 9am: porkchop, sweet potato and eggs.

Church at 10:30.  I let all of the pans of lasagna sit in our oven set on “warm” while we went to church.

Snacks that were set out for guests:  Veggie (broccoli, celery, carrots, green pepper) tray with guacamole dip; fruit (apples, strawberries, raspberries, and grapes) and chips and salsa.  In-laws brought crackers and wine.

I stuck with the veggies/guac and fruit.  Pulled out a little almond butter for the apples and celery.

1:00 Ate “primal” lasagna.

2:15 Ice cream cake.




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