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DAY 15!

I’m not feeling very well today. My stomach is still upset… maybe it’s more of a bug than a reaction to ice cream cake???  (I’ll keep my fingers crossed, for the sake of future birthday parties!!)  But, even with a sore tummy and dizzy brain, gotta keep smiling!  Life is good and could always be worse.  Remember that!  You are blessed.  If you think you got it bad, think about those who have it worse, and be thankful for what you do have.  There’s ALWAYS somebody worse off…

This could be an aftershock of getting some Jesus in my life yesterday… Our pastor gave a great sermon about SERVICE.  I’m thinking about a new challenge (at the conclusion of this 21 day Be Strong Challenge)… one that won’t be so self focused.  I think it’s time I learn how to help others… not judge others… not worry about how I measure up to others… just serve and be there for other humans!  I am open to suggestions for how to serve the community.  Something hands on and local is preferred. Details in the works.

That’s my spiel for the day.  I’m beat, and going to SLEEP.  Hoping to feel much mo betta in the morning!

DAY 15 recap:

Bootcamp, 6:15.  Thanks for the killer workout Kerri! And good tunes today, too!

Breakfast, 7:30. BF sausage, sweet potatoes and eggs.

Lunch, 12:00. Leftover paleo/primal lasagna and a salad.

Snack, 2:45. Banana.

Snack, 4:00 Lara Bar.

Dinner, 6:30. Salmon & asparagus & mashed sweet potato.  Only at half due to horrible tummy ache, but hope to have the rest tomorrow for lunch! 🙂

Happy Monday, Peeps!



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