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16 & 17…

I’m a slacker.  I did not blog yesterday.  Actually, I didn’t do much of anything that I didn’t absolutely HAVE to yesterday.  Made it home to my couch and didn’t get up Alllll night.  Still fighting some sort of stomach problem…. whenever I eat something – ANYTHING – I get horrible stomach pains and cramps, and indigestion.  I haven’t eaten anything “off plan” since Sunday, but I completely feel like poo.  I’m also having pain in my back (kidney area) and fighting off a headache.  Sounds joyous, doesn’t it?  I only talk about it here, because it’s potentially a side effect from my CLEAN eating and then NOT Clean Eating.  Or, maybe it’s just a bug.  Hopefully it’s gone soon.  I’m drained.

Well, either way – TOMORROW IS THE DAY!

Push-ups, burpees, rope slams, rows and squats.  60 seconds of each.  6:30 am – bright and early.  I haven’t given much thought to anything but the push-ups.  I’m aiming to get to 30 of them in 60 seconds…. Burpees are ok… the others don’t scare me, but maybe that’s because I’m not overthinking them like I am the pushups.  My partner, Lori, and I will get one point for each rep – and hopefully we both show up to kick ass and take names… GO TEAM AWESOMESAUCE. 🙂

Alright, so I’ll just admit that the last two days are not anything to “Track”, but for the sake of consistency:

Day 16:

Breakfast: two eggs scrambled

Bootcamp at 9am.  Almost passed out… no joke.

Post work out: banana with almond butter

Worked for a few hours, got my hair done, went to State Law Library for legal research.

“lunch” – lara bar

“dinner” – a few pita chips and baba ganoush (not a good call) and greek soup. ( I was craving my grandmother’s lemon/chicken/rice soup and ended up at the greek restaurant downtown.  It was good soup, but not yia yia’s.

Home to couch in misery.

Day 17:

breakfast: Had high hopes and made bacon eggs and sweet potato.  Ate half, Baxter got the rest.

snack/lunch: macadamia nuts, banana

dinner: meatloaf with mashed cauliflower. Ate it all, was definitely famished.  My stomach hates me. Headache from hell.



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