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Sunday Funday!

I’ve spent all day today getting caught up on school work.

Having 5 classes – 15 credits to complete – along with working, having a family, friends and dart league, kids that need to get places, and an addiction to watching Survivor sometimes gets to be a lot.

Like today, I had to get up early on a Sunday and commit myself to my work… it’s been good so far!  (8 hours later, 2 case briefs, and IRAC memo, a power point presentation and a debtor/creditor exam – check!)

Figured I’d take a break and check in here….

The “challenge” is over from Edge Fitness… but that doesn’t mean I am no longer going to be accountable for what I eat.  (*note: I will NOT be accountable for what I ate yesterday… let’s just say that the Doritos Locos Taco I ate was NOT the worst thing on my menu – BAD!!)  But, I still want to feel good and look good, so I will continue on my paleo/primal journey.

Today hasn’t been much of a day… just sitting in my office and occasionally checking my Fantasy Football League scores (I’m addicted.)

Breakfast – thought I’d try something new – leftover salmon and aspargus with sweet potatoes and over easy eggs.  Probably won’t make that again. lol.

Snacks – macadamia nuts, sweet potato brownie, ham and salami roll up, one bite of Tay’s mac and cheese.

Dinner – burger with bacon and avocado, wrapped in lettuce.

Another brownie… gotta get em out of the house!

PS I’m still sore from Thursday!  Hurts to move, cough, laugh, left my pen, etc etc…


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