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Happy Friday!

The very next day after I testified here about becoming a better person, I was tested!  Not in a real earth shattering kinda way, but in a My, that’s interesting timing kinda way….

On my way to school yesterday morning, the country station I listen to was promoting a concert coming up this summer with tons of big name acts.  (Big & Rich, Kelly Clarkson, and Gary Allen to name a few.) When they announced they were giving away tickets and to “call now to play to win”, I picked up my cell and dialed.  I never get through on my cell. Never.  After 4 times calling and getting a busy signal, RING, RING.  I was through.  I was the right caller.  I “won” the tickets.  Congrats!  However, I had to play a game… called the Good Samaritan game, and listen to the stories of the three next callers and decide if I wanted to keep a pair of tickets for myself or give them up so that each of the three could all have a pair.  I was put on hold while the song set finished up, and I knew right away that I didn’t even have to hear the stories, obviously I was giving them away.  So, after sitting on hold for 10 minutes, I heard 3 “sob” stories (none of which were very impressive, BTW) and then gave up my tickets.  As the “winner” I was left with no tickets and ended up three minutes late to class.  I must admit, in the back of my mind I kinda hoped that they’d “surprise” me with some sort of consolation gift (or maybe a BETTER gift!?!) for being the “good Samaritan”.  I was not.

BUT, that’s the point right??  You don’t do something for other people with expectations for what you will get in return.  Well, at least you shouldn’t. That’s the whole point of doing something good, something “selfless”.  I hope that all three of them have someone special to take to the show and have a great time.

But there is a small part of me that is believing in that whole good karma coming back around thing…

What a dumb game. 😉




BF: scrambled egg & ham.

Lunch: big ass salad

snack: apple

dinner: Texas Roadhouse.  Yes, I had a roll with cinnamon butter.  Nuff said.


BF: Venison Steak with eggs.

Snack: pistachios

Lunch: leftovers from Texas Roadhouse. (May or may not inlude a dinner roll, no sweet butter)

Dinner: TBD.  I could have venison steak, or chicken, or organic hotdogs, or Tay’s leftover ribs from last night.  OR I may just go out for a fish fry. And drinks.


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