From Thanksgiving to St. Patrick’s Day

I think it’s great that the last post was from the Turkey Day 5k that hubby and I ran in and then shoved our faces with sweet potato casserole. Now it’s almost St. Patricks’ Day! That means we’ve celebrated Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day (oh and Channakah, Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, President’s Day…) since I last blogged.  It’s funny how so much has changed, yet so much is exactly the same.

In the last post, I mentioned doing the Madison Mini Marathon (13.1 miles) in August for hubby’s 40th. Well… WE STILL ARE! We already registered and paid!  We have the cute little 13.1 oval bumper stickers taunting us on our refrigerator, a daily reminder that we signed up for this. We got new running gear for Christmas.  We’re all set.


Actually. I haven’t run since Thanksgiving.  Or blogged.  What HAVE I been doing??? 

Well, let’s just say I’ve been living.  It’s been busy, it’s been crazy, it’s been good, great, horrible, sad, exhausting, terrific, terrible, scary, exciting, frustrating, and unbelievable. The last few months have included ups and downs… sickness and health…. richer and poorer… and everything in between.  I’ve been struggling with how I can go from so happy to so sad to so overwhelmed to so bored and back again… so quickly.  Sometimes several times in the same day.  These are not meant as excuses as to why I haven’t blogged or ran.  To be honest, I didn’t really think about either.  Life has a funny way of changing priorities… and then changing them again… and again…

But now… it’s time to run again.


Back in the saddle, again!

Ok, that jackass doesn’t have a saddle.  but that lady has a cute hat on and looks happy, even from the back.  You get the point. Jackass.