ADH-Oh Shiny….

Happy Tuesday!  Today is gorgeous outside!  2 days before Thanksgiving and it’s 50 degrees out there by 10am?  LOVE IT!

I went for a run this morning and wayyyy over-dressed.  By the end of mile one, I was sweating and HOT HOT HOT.  Gloves off, tied jacket around my waist… kept my winter hat on though, no one wanted to see my hat hair.  🙂

This Thursday is Thanksgiving.  I will not be eating “paleo” anything.  Unless there’s a veggie tray at the in laws house, maybe that will count as paleo.  But, there will probably be dip, and I’ll probably eat it.  Along with Mother-In-Laws DELICIOUS homemade stuffing and sweet potato casserole.  And pie.  And gravy.  Turkey would be/could be paleo… but I’ll be eating the sides on a 10-1 ratio to the turkey.  And, I’m excited.

In an effort to counteract the processed food/carbohydrate overload, Jon and I signed up for the Berbee Derbee 5K run on the morning of Turkey Day.  Genius! Except… that I forgot that we signed up for it until yesterday.  And I haven’t run since summer time.  Oopsies.  So, I snuck that run in this morning, and I think I should be good to go.  Fingers crossed that the weather is like today!

You could say I have ADD today. I can’t commit to one topic, so for today, I’ll share these random tidbits:

I just made the most delicious guacomole, and I’m pretty sure I can’t wait much longer to start devouring it.  Got some sweet potato chips and might attempt to make some baked plantain chips later.

I have renewed my addiction to Pinterest.  What a relief… I was not already wasting enough time on WordPress and Facebook and PALEOMG.  Whew!

It is 48 days until we go on vacation.  I am slightly excited for Punta Cana in January.  I may or may not have ordered three new swimsuits yesterday. And maybe a pair of sandals. Or two.

I may or may not be really irked that all three of those swimsuits are tankinis.  Boo.  But I just can’t seem to get that belly in check; and I don’t see the belly fat melting away during the next month of Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, so I’m doing everyone a favor and keeping it covered.  Stretch marks are dumb.  Contrary to Pinterest motivational quotes, they are not “Tiger Stripes” or “badges of honor”. I love my kid.  I do not love my stretch marks.

I have an interview today for an internship at the Department of Justice – wish me luck! Here we go!


Breakfast: Green Pepper & Egg Ring with Asparagus

BIG ASS SALAD for lunch

Dinner: organic, nitrate free, sugar free hotdogs, with guacamole & sweet potato chips

Snacks: banana with Almond Butter and dates





DAY 15!

I’m not feeling very well today. My stomach is still upset… maybe it’s more of a bug than a reaction to ice cream cake???  (I’ll keep my fingers crossed, for the sake of future birthday parties!!)  But, even with a sore tummy and dizzy brain, gotta keep smiling!  Life is good and could always be worse.  Remember that!  You are blessed.  If you think you got it bad, think about those who have it worse, and be thankful for what you do have.  There’s ALWAYS somebody worse off…

This could be an aftershock of getting some Jesus in my life yesterday… Our pastor gave a great sermon about SERVICE.  I’m thinking about a new challenge (at the conclusion of this 21 day Be Strong Challenge)… one that won’t be so self focused.  I think it’s time I learn how to help others… not judge others… not worry about how I measure up to others… just serve and be there for other humans!  I am open to suggestions for how to serve the community.  Something hands on and local is preferred. Details in the works.

That’s my spiel for the day.  I’m beat, and going to SLEEP.  Hoping to feel much mo betta in the morning!

DAY 15 recap:

Bootcamp, 6:15.  Thanks for the killer workout Kerri! And good tunes today, too!

Breakfast, 7:30. BF sausage, sweet potatoes and eggs.

Lunch, 12:00. Leftover paleo/primal lasagna and a salad.

Snack, 2:45. Banana.

Snack, 4:00 Lara Bar.

Dinner, 6:30. Salmon & asparagus & mashed sweet potato.  Only at half due to horrible tummy ache, but hope to have the rest tomorrow for lunch! 🙂

Happy Monday, Peeps!


Holy Lasagna, Batman! Lasagna, 5 ways. (and day 13)

If you could see me in the kitchen this afternoon assembling our meal for a family get-together tomorrow, you would’ve thought it was pure chaos.  Tomorrow we’re having DH’s parents, his brother and sister-in-law, and my dad and grandma over to celebrate Kambo’s 12th birthday.  It was decided that ice cream cake was not a sufficient lunch to put out, so I volunteered to make my lasagna.  I make a great lasagna.  Or I used to, before this new me decided that noodles and cheese are BAD.

So, today, to please the general population I made my traditional meat lasagna. Sorry, no recipe.  I just throw stuff together.  If your lasagna is missing something, it’s probably sweet italian sausage in addition to ground beef.  Or more cheese.

Hidden on the right side of that pan is zucchini lasagna, which is easy on the noodles and heavy on the meatsauce and veggies and cheese – with zucchini as two layers of noodles – specifically designed as left-overs for my co-workers.  🙂 Come hungry on Monday!

To please the vegetarian(s), I made veggie lasagna: No meat in the sauce; sauteed veggies, spinach, cheese (ricotta & mozzerella), layers of noodles, egg plant and zucchini.

To please myself tomorrow, when I WILL eat cheese, but not noodles, I made “primal” lasagna.  (left). Meatsauce, sauteed veggies, spinach, eggplant & zucchini, light on the cheese.

And for my lunch this week, I made “Paleo Lasagna”. (right) Eggplant and zucchini layers, sauteed veggies, spinach and LOTSA MEATSAUCE.

That’s right.  5 lasagnas. One kitchen.  One afternoon. One me. You might think it was a chaotic chore… it was absolutely theraputic.  No one else was in the house and I got to spend some time (3 hours) with only my thoughts, the simmering sauces and my creations.  Also, it provided a great excuse to procrastinate on the homework and midterms I should be working on and completely distroy the kitchen before having to clean it from top to bottom for company.  Perfect!

3 sauces: traditional meat sauce; meat-less sauce, and no sugar added, organic meat sauce.

Sauteed veggies for the veggie lasagna: mushrooms, onions, broccoli, green pepper.

Sliced zucchini and eggplant, for noodles in the primal/paleo lasagnas.

Assembly and more pics:

DAY 13 (Lucky 13!)

I snuck in an extra bootcamp this morning, since I missed on Monday. 8:00 am

9:30 breakfast – sweet potatoes, ham, and eggs.

Work from 10-1; snacks – celery and almond butter; tropical fruit lara bar.

Grocery shopped in HUGE Woodmans; took Baxter for 2 mile walk.

“lunch” = 2 chicken legs.

Cooked for several hours and cleaned for several more.

Went out to pick out the ice cream cake for tomorrow, ended up at Market Street Diner with one naughty multi-grain pancake, apple sauce and a side of bacon.  No belly ache yet!  Maybe it was the dairy last week!

Day 12 in the books! TGIF

Ahhhhhh! This was A day.  One of THOSE days.  Busy busy busy.  I got to work and “it” just kept piling up. I could’ve used some knee high boots, if you know what I mean.  At 9:45, my co-worker suggested Noodles and Company for lunch… it was definitely one of those days.  I agreed to skip my chicken legs and salad, but asked if she’d agree to Red Robin instead, where I at least had a chance of eating something SOMEWHAT on point.

After inspecting the online menu, I ended up with a bacon cheeseburger, no cheese, no bun, add avocado slices.  “Freckled” fruit salad, instead of fries.  I was excited.

I used to love the burgers at Red Robin.  Apparently I really liked their buns, because THIS was not what I remembered.  The meat was bland, the tomatoes weren’t ripe, and the avocado was stiff.  It shouldn’t be stiff.  The fruit salad was covered in strawberry sauce… like the stuff that would be next to the ice cream machine at a buffet joint.  9 months ago, I probably wouldn’t have said this, but really?  The fruit isn’t sweet enough on its own, it needed strawberry sugar sauce on top?  Ick.  I guess it WAS better than a basket full of steak fries. Depending on who you ask of course…

I should’ve just went with Noodles.  🙂

Luckily, I still made it through the piles of work and after a long day made it home to red wine and a yummy “approved” steak dinner courtesy of my hubby.

Filets, seasoned with s&p, garlic and cooked on the grill.

Mushrooms and onions, sauteed in bacon fat and smidge of ghee, seasoned with S&P, garlic and a dash of worchestershire (how the hell do you spell that word?) sauce.

Aspargus, rubbed with olive oil, seasoned with s&p, lemon pepper and wrapped with proscuitto. (How do you spell THAT word??) Broil in oven for about 7-8 minutes, turn over mid-way.



6:15 bootcamp!

7:30 breakfast – leftover bf sausage, sweet potatoes and eggs

12:00 lunch – bun-less, cheese-less burger with bacon and avocado.  Really, really sugary fruit.

3:00 snack – ginger snap lara bar

5:30 – banana

7:00 – dinner – steaks, mushrooms/onions, and asparagus.

8:45 – one or nine bites of Banana Split Blizzard from DQ.  My grandmother was all alone at home tonight with my mom on a business trip and my dad at work – so I took her some ice cream.  HAD to eat SOME of it to prevent it from melting all over the car. 🙂



Tuesday, Day 9

Tuesdays are a better way to start a “Work-Week”.  Wayyyy better than Mondays.  But thanks to my three day anniversary-celebrating weekend, I’m all off track.  I’m behind a work out already and my belly is MESSED up from the horrible food I ate all weekend.  Considering I told myself this was going to be a 21 day CLEAN EATING period, I’m not too proud of my food choices this weekend.  HOWEVER, I will not feel guilty for enjoying myself on my anniversary!

We ate the top tier of our wedding cake last night.  Considering it was in the freezer for a year, it was NOT BAD AT ALL.  I had let it dethaw for a couple of days and last night, after a weekend of enjoying each other’s company and reflecting on how blessed and thankful we are, we re-enacted the cake-cutting of our wedding.  But this time, when I offered him a bite of the freshly sliced cake, I SMASHED IT IN HIS FACE.  Ooooh WEEEEEE he did not see that coming.  Prior to our wedding, we had discussed how my father would be NOT AT ALL HAPPY if we made “a mockery of our wedding vows” by making a joke out of each other and smashing cake in each other’s faces in front of the entire wedding reception.  So, at the wedding, it was strictly eating cake, no funny business.  I think DH assumed that that decorum was carrying over to our 1 year anniversary.  The look on his face when I took the chocolate cake covered with golden frosting… and smooshed it up his nose and in his eye…  Let’s just say I paid for that action.  It was worth it.  We were both on the floor laughing til we cried.  Perfect ending to the perfect weekend.

I am still giggling.

Ok, so that weekend was not what I planned – but it was incredibly fun, and included steak, crab bisque, pizza, sushi, red wine, and chocolate cake.  If I’m going to get these abdominal muscles to be visible (other than when I walk around with my arms over my head – new trick!) I’m really going to have to watch the crap intake.  How do you decide what’s best?  To have rockin abs that you can be proud of and rock at the beach on vacation – Dominican Republic coming up in January!  OR to enjoy the “good stuff” in life.  And wait, is delicious food really “the good stuff”??  It seems like a trick.


Up and at em at 6am – getting DH and Tay off to a good start!

Light breakfast – 2 oz of ham steak, banana with almond butter; coffee with coconut milk.

BOOTCAMP AT 9AM.  I have some work to do.

Post workout meal – breakfast sausage, with acorn squash and eggs (leftover from the weekend).

Class at 11-1:45.  Legal Research.  Sounds like so much fun! Blah.

Late lunch – grilled chicken on a salad. Homework time!

Class at 3-5.  Career Builder – priming me and my peers for a GRRRREAT paralegal career.

Dinner – leftover spaghetti squash with chicken.

Class at 5:30 – 8:20.  Bankruptcy Law.  Yup, Tuesdays are LONG.

Make it a great day!!



Day 7!

Mondays are better when they’re not spent at work.  Just an observation.

Hubby and I took the day off since it’s our one year wedding anniversary.  We’ve been “celebrating” the whole weekend, and I’m looking forward to one more day of just enjoying each other.  We’re going to wrap up our impromptu kitchen project, maybe see his parents for a little while (how’s that for love, I WANT see my mother-in-law on our anniversary!) and get some last minute birthday shopping done for Jon’s son, Kam.  He’s just turned 12, and DH’s thinking about getting him an X-Box.  I’m pretty sure that gift would be just as much for DH (he’s mentioned Madden more than a few times) but I know Kam will love it, and if the two of them can find some common ground on the virtual football field, so be it!

Here’s a random thought that I need to share.  I’ve been avoiding bread for about 4 months now.  Each time that I caved and ate bread this weekend (the delicious roll at Wonderbar and the friggin’ amazing tasting crust at Sal’s last night), I’ve paid dearly for it.  My stomach was in knots, cramps, horrible pain for the next two hours each night.  I know that before the last four months, I could eat bread without much of a problem (I definitely had some stomach issues, but wasn’t sure what to blame them on, and they were not severe.), but now that my body isn’t being served wheat on a regular basis, it’s like I have no tolerance for it.  This is just a random thought, and I can’t decide if I’m better off knowing that it’s not good for my belly or if I was better off in blissful stage of ignorance.

Whatever the answer is to that question is to be determined.  I’m going back to avoidance for now, that pain really was not fun, PLUS I feel like I’ve gained 7 pounds since Friday.  Ick.

Today’s agenda:

Workout: went for a walk.  Will be walking while shopping.  Will paint more.  Will work extra hard at bootcamp tomorrow.

Breakfast: Breakfast sausage in acorn squash.  Recipe courtesy of my favorite blog,

Lunch: ???

Dinner:????  Followed by one year old cake.

??? = I have no plans.  Having a plan would be the best option, but I don’t have it.  Maybe I’ll have a salad?  Maybe I’ll have pasta?  Who knows.  Guess we’ll see where the road leads. We’re heading out to Home Depot for the last of (hopefully) the kitchen materials.  Need to get more paint.  We bought a whole gallon of the color “crepe”, painted one portion of the wall and I think our eyes were burning out.  Husband says it reminds him of the “skin” color of Crayola crayons.  That pretty much sums it up – we do NOT need skin on our walls.  Especially pinkish/yellowish/palish glowing skin.





Kitchen Inspiration

Oh. My. Gosh.

I did NOT stick to the plan.  My night consisted of dairy products and bread, red wine, brandy, vodka, hard cider and shots.  This. Is. Not. Good. My stomach is furious with me and my head is pounding, but WOOOO HOOOOO it was fun!

We went to the Wonderbar Steak House as part of our one year anniversary celebration… delicious food and very cool atmosphere.  We ordered crab bisque and Barbecue Bacon Wrapped Prawns (big shrimp).  Frickin’ good.  The waiter brought rolls.  Yum.  I had a glass of Pinot Noir, which was good, but $10 a glass, so after that I asked for a Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet.  Um, what?  I’m not even sure why I ordered that. It was delicious, and I was drunk at that point.  The rest of the night included a visit to the venue of our wedding reception for a little reminiscing, and then a trip downtown to the Ivory Room piano bar.  We got lucky and knew someone who had reserved the VIP area and got to spend the night 3 feet away from the Dueling Pianos.   It was awesome.

Me, next to Anthony Cao, one of the awesomely talented piano guys.

So, while hubby and I may have fallen off track a little bit, we did thoroughly enjoy ourselves as we went out for our 1 year anniversary.  Now the trick will be NOT letting it all go to hell today.  I’m ravenous, as in woke up and crawled to the refrigerator in search of something to get into my belly.  In our junk-food-proof house, my only option was apple and almond butter to hold me off until coffee and a good breakfast can be secured.

My head hurts.

Good news! We found some great inspiration for our kitchen’s face-lift!

It’s already turned into a slightly bigger project than anticipated.  Should be a good way to work through the hangovers and into a productive day.

Plan for today (Day 6):

Breakfast #1 – apple with almond butter

Breakfast #2 – Breakfast Meatza (in the oven now!)

Snacks – almonds and dates or hard boiled eggs

Lunch – rotisserie chicken from Copps and some sort of veggie

Dinner – TBD.  After a day in the kitchen painting and such, it MIGHT turn into a Salvatore’s kinda night.  Guess we’ll see!

Happy Sunday!  (It’s way easy to say that, since I’M OFF TOMORROW BITCHES!)  Woo hoo!!