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I feel the best when I eat PALEO or PRIMAL.

Feel free to read all about it:




For the record, I try my best to eat this way because I honestly feel better when I’m not eating processed foods and breads.  Not to mention that my new size four clothes fit me better when I cut out pasta and bagels.

Do I miss those foods?  Do I ever “cheat”?

You bet your patooty I do.  And it is not nice, nor productive, for you to say “Geee, I don’t think cavemen ate THAT,” when you see me eating something like, oh I don’t know, a big ass piece of tirimisu.  I KNOW that it isn’t on my normal eating plan, and I have CHOSEN to have this treat. I’ve decided that it’s worth going off track for, and there is no need for you to point it out to me.  The end.


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