ADH-Oh Shiny….

Happy Tuesday!  Today is gorgeous outside!  2 days before Thanksgiving and it’s 50 degrees out there by 10am?  LOVE IT!

I went for a run this morning and wayyyy over-dressed.  By the end of mile one, I was sweating and HOT HOT HOT.  Gloves off, tied jacket around my waist… kept my winter hat on though, no one wanted to see my hat hair.  🙂

This Thursday is Thanksgiving.  I will not be eating “paleo” anything.  Unless there’s a veggie tray at the in laws house, maybe that will count as paleo.  But, there will probably be dip, and I’ll probably eat it.  Along with Mother-In-Laws DELICIOUS homemade stuffing and sweet potato casserole.  And pie.  And gravy.  Turkey would be/could be paleo… but I’ll be eating the sides on a 10-1 ratio to the turkey.  And, I’m excited.

In an effort to counteract the processed food/carbohydrate overload, Jon and I signed up for the Berbee Derbee 5K run on the morning of Turkey Day.  Genius! Except… that I forgot that we signed up for it until yesterday.  And I haven’t run since summer time.  Oopsies.  So, I snuck that run in this morning, and I think I should be good to go.  Fingers crossed that the weather is like today!

You could say I have ADD today. I can’t commit to one topic, so for today, I’ll share these random tidbits:

I just made the most delicious guacomole, and I’m pretty sure I can’t wait much longer to start devouring it.  Got some sweet potato chips and might attempt to make some baked plantain chips later.

I have renewed my addiction to Pinterest.  What a relief… I was not already wasting enough time on WordPress and Facebook and PALEOMG.  Whew!

It is 48 days until we go on vacation.  I am slightly excited for Punta Cana in January.  I may or may not have ordered three new swimsuits yesterday. And maybe a pair of sandals. Or two.

I may or may not be really irked that all three of those swimsuits are tankinis.  Boo.  But I just can’t seem to get that belly in check; and I don’t see the belly fat melting away during the next month of Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, so I’m doing everyone a favor and keeping it covered.  Stretch marks are dumb.  Contrary to Pinterest motivational quotes, they are not “Tiger Stripes” or “badges of honor”. I love my kid.  I do not love my stretch marks.

I have an interview today for an internship at the Department of Justice – wish me luck! Here we go!


Breakfast: Green Pepper & Egg Ring with Asparagus

BIG ASS SALAD for lunch

Dinner: organic, nitrate free, sugar free hotdogs, with guacamole & sweet potato chips

Snacks: banana with Almond Butter and dates